Fruity delights

I absolutely love everything chocolate…and I mean EVERYTHING!! Actually I do quite enjoy any sweet treats.  I can easily devour a whole pack of liquorice all sorts, wash it down with some jellybeans and have another two big slabs of chocolate.  I do sometimes feel a little bit sick, ok… allot a bit sick.  But after a brief pause I’m ready for more.  It is however, the little gems you sometimes find mmm even the non-chocolate ones.  On a recent trip to the shop, I came across these little red packets with fruity chews inside.  Thought I’d spoil the girls and bought them each a packet and two for myself. Not unfair I think, I am twice their size, so needed two.  Now let me tell you… in one word… AWSOME… little soft sugary chewy delights.  Safe to say I went back the following day and bought all ten packets that the shop had hanging.  While I waited to pay, a lady looking like she skipped her repair and maintain routine the nights before, turned to me and said in a very snotty raspy voice ‘’are you going to buy all those?’’.  I looked at her and thought; No women, I just felt like taking them all down, standing in the queue and then putting them back.  But what came out was a brut dry ‘’Yes’’ response.  She gave me a ‘’I’m annoyed’’ sigh and stared at me for a few more seconds before proceeding to ask the shop assistant if they had any more.  After she got a ‘’No’’ response, I paid and gloatingly walked out popping a few sugary delights into my mouth… grin grin… gloat gloat… tush to you women!


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