Birthday Bliss

You know… the best days in the year are without a doubt birthdays… even the ones that are not your own.  They are truly great.  You can spoil someone and in return you get gloriously delicious cakes and tarts and sugary pleasures.  Definitely my most favourite days.  Today is my friend’s birthday … oh what utter and sheer joy.  I am craving the soft, moist, deliciously sweet treasures there might be.  Strange how I always feel very light hearted and blissfully happy on days like these … even now, sitting here looking down at my very 8-12 weeks preggie resembling tummy..Lol … still craving cake. The best birthdays are the children’s … sweets galore fulfilling your every sugary desire.  The party packs always have way too much crammed in, so that leaves lots for dearest mom.  Aaaaghhh… what a great day! Can’t wait for the delights!


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