Tortures cravings

Strange how cold weather makes you want to eat everything in sight.  There is the scientific side off it that states that your body burns more energy to stay warm and thus you need to eat more… but all that aside.. it is what you want to eat that matters I suppose.  Today is one of those days, mind you we are approaching April and the Autumn equinox has just passed, so it is getting slightly cooler.  And all I can think about is what can I eat.  I am craving something sugary sweet like delicious cinnamon covered pancakes drenched in maple syrup with fried banana … hmmm or sweets … any kind…or chocolate…no fudge…alot of fudge! I went to a party the other day and my friend’s mother-in-law made these absolutely gloriously addictive slices. It was fudgy, but it had liquorise allsorts inside.  You can trust me when I say they were oh so moreish and absolutely terrific.  They were yummy!!!!  I had a raisin less hot cross bun for breakfast this morning. Don’t know where the raisins were…definitely not in my bun! …hmmm…still craving something sweet…

Oh! Have any of you ever tried to put smarties in the microwave?  Crunchy delicacies! You can only put a few in at a time and you have to watch them like a hawk –like precision until they “pop”.yummy yummy… it is like biting into bits of crunchy milo chocolate..soooo worth the effort!

Oh well, I’m going to keep on craving and will post the recipe for those mother-in-law-squares later,ha ha ha … I did say they are moreish


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