Deliciously Easter

As Easter approaches we gear up with the latest trends.  Beautiful felt Easter baskets for the girls, bunny ears ect.  It’s a pity that it is so unbelievably expensive to buy anything wrapped in colourful foil…But still, we conform to society and crumble to the desires of the powerfully manipulative little beings we call children.  But it is still one of my most favourite times of the year.  I am all for buying bucket loads full of chocolate eggs, not so much the marshmallow stuff… You see, I’m an extremely helpful mommy. When the girls have had their fill, then I’m on standby to devour the smooth, deliciously sugary leftovers.  I am of the opinion that grown –ups should be spoilt with all the Easter delights. There are lots of bunnies and grown up treats, but how utterly boring.  I want all mine just as colourful and filled with surprises.  I must say, I do enjoy building and constructing those little toys with expertise and folding all the little bits of coloured foil… oh and of course  unwrapping all things chocolate is just as glorious as eating it… So my wish for this year is my very own basket full of delectable delights, surprises and more…and I can with 100% certainty guarantee…NO left overs!!!


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