Cash-‘n’Carry me away

I don’t know how many of you make use of a cash ‘n carry.  Here they are normally in the more safety-challenged (or so it feels) areas.  They are crammed, always look one visit away from being closed by the health inspector and it is as if the lighting is just always on the dim side and not bright enough.  However … I have a strange desire to visit these from time to time.  I love looking at all the “junk”, but it is the sweet isles.  BULK treats!! … Greatest idea ever.  You can always get the strangest sweets.  They make you wonder about the ingredients and what not, but I can recover from these worries quite quickly and usually pile in a few packs of each.  I’m a total sucker for anything that is individually wrapped. I just Luuuuv unwrapping each desire as it pleases my cravings and feels like opening a little gift of delight every time. Really …hats off to bulk suppliers…the more … the merrier me!


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