The birds and the bees

My 5 year old has taken a sudden interest in the whole marriage thing. The other r day she very dryly asked “so mommy, why do you and daddy sleep in the same bed and I have to sleep in my own bed … is it because there is more space?”  So I replied “Yes”… On the way to school this morning she said with raised eyebrows “Mommy, I know … first you marry, then you kiss and go like… (and then she proceeded to try and show a lift-the-leg move whilst strapped into her seat) and the you… Now by this point I was expecting something that might require some explanation or response from my side… and the you pray to God for babies..  aaah .. “yes my sweetipie” was my reply… Got out of that one easily enough.  My seven year old asked me the other day “mommy, did you wear make-up when daddy first saw you” to which I replied That I did not, I was still in school and we weren’t allowed to wear make-up whilst in uniform.  So she asked “ did daddy say you were a rose amongst the thorns” so I said no he didn’t and that I couldn’t remember what he said, but that he smiled at me.  My younger sister sat in my lounge and listened to the conversation and said to my daughter… That is very romantic still… to which she then replied… “No, romantic is when you are on Honeymoon”… oooh the sweet innocence of childhood…it better last at least 10 more years!


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