Gloriously Gooey

Sandwiches, such a simple concept you’d think.  I have a thing about these very tasty little conveniences.  I love just about anything on mine and can cope with having it on boring brown and seeded as well.  My favourite kind is the refined glueyness of white.  My 7 year old daughter can convince anyone of the dangers of eating white or too much of any bread.  She once very seriously and very dryly told her dearest dad (whilst he was munching away at a huge samie) “daddy … bread is like glue”.  If you had to think about it, it does cause a very gluey effect.  But my thing is this; I prefer mine buttered…at all times.  I always debate the peanut butter –needs- no -butter thing… come on man … of course it makes a difference!  My husband makes my samies to perfection.  Buttered with just the right amount of butter and buttered in all corners. I just feel that as long as you are forced to eat the crusts, they also need butter.  There is an unmistakable desert dryness if the corners are skipped. Is this such a monstrously difficult request? I think not.  So to the people who know me – please … just butter the corners.  Oh and on the gluey topic of bread, a very tasty samie my mom makes that any cooking-challenged person can try:

Take a slice of 100% rye … give it a very generous alcoholic sprinkle of white wine.  Put some sliced tomato on.  Sprinkle with veggie spice and top off with some grated cheddar cheese.  Put under the grill and when the cheese has browned and melted enjoy your gloriously gluey delight!


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