Cooking pro – NOT!

Cooking, something I’m seriously challenged with.  I envy those people who can just put anything in a pot, add spices and have a deliciously tasty edible dish to present.  Cooking has never been my strong point.  Even the whole Sunday meal thing.  I can manage all the different veg, carrots always way too sweet and toffee like. Green beans are something I wouldn’t attempt and the art of having it all warm and dished up totally eludes me.  So I naturally do what any self-respecting cooking-challenged woman would do… I married a man that loves to cook … oh aren’t I just so clever 🙂  I can however cook from a recipe…true I perspire at the mere thought of having people other than family over for dinner… and during a session of cooking from the book I get hot flushes and heart pulpetations. I sometimes find myself a little out of breath, mostly because I’m holding it every time I have to add something or check on the food.  I truly hate the entire stressful process and firmly believe it can cause the end of me. This year I’m going to make a point of trying to master a few recipes… and if all else fails…there is always pre cooked meals. AND I’m awesome at following instructions… 12 min on high in tha microwave tadaa!


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