Road Rebel

Today I’m guilt ridden. I’m a world changer you know… well I try to believe that I am.  Obviously I have to explain and defend the thought you might have that I’m talking a black municipal bin full of rubbish.   Anyway… driving in my dinky I most definitely always stick to the speed limit. I do sometimes find the needle going just over… but the manufacturers could be one little line off, so for just in case that might be the fact, I don’t mind.  BUT never over that!  There was this one instance where dear accident prone hubby almost plained off his hand and I did go over the speed limit that day, but in the sheer face of blood filled emergency, I was left with absolutely NO other choice!  Today however, I went home for a bit of lunch, and in my complete boredom on such a sun drenched day, I decided to nap for just a few winks.  Bad idea…when I finally dragged my limp body back into my dinky to drive back, I was half asleep and the golden sun was just tooo golden and oh sooo bright.  I had a haze floating around my head and on the way back – which I might add felt like an hour’s drive, but is more like a 5 min drive – my red veined sleepy eyes fell on the speedometer and I was over the speed limit. Just a bit…ok ok…a lot a bit.  I slowed down with a feeling that I caused some irreparable damage to the structure of things.  You see, if I drive the speed limit, I change something…I make a small difference, and a lot of small differences make a big difference – and a note to those of you who are most probably thinking “that women would annoy me on the road”  ..tush to you


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