Idiot driver

Driving down the road the other day, I noticed the guy in front of me switch on his emergency lights.  He drove just over 40km ph … and almost in the middle of the two lanes.  I was contemplating passing him, but stuck behind him for a while, as his erratic driving made me a bit nervous… Eventually he stuck to his lane long enough so that I could pass.  Upon passing I looked over to see what the problem was…thinking he might have car problems of some sort… But no…. Far more important than car problems, he was chatting away on his cell phone.  I felt like a complete idiot…how could I have missed that memo?? And here I ignore important calls or put people on speaker phone, and what not…  if only I knew that throwing on your emergency lights, driving in the middle of the road and staying at about 40 km per hour was all it takes for you to show people you’re on your cell.


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