Saucy secrets

There are a lot of secrets women keep from men, like the support underwear that you get to cover you from top to toe, and that you can hardly get yourself into…after the whole exhausting process of feeling utterly deprived of breath at the end of the day, you have to try and get yourself out of it again.  But at least it makes your tummy look slim and your tush nice and firm… Well that is just one of those secrets. The other is of course when it comes to cooking.  As you all know  am quite challenged when it come to this… so tonight hearing that my brother in law would be coming over for dinner, I once again started to perspire and felt ill at the thought of what to make… something edible and hot.  Looking at what I had on hand I just got that overwhelming feeling of “oh what the hell” I’m just going to take everything and chuck it in a dish and if it satisfies, so be it, if not, there is always ice cream.  So I took out some chicken – red meat is just sooo above my abilities – and tossed in some baby marrows, purple onions and some cocktail tomatoes. I felt very pleased with myself looking at the uncooked arrangement and thought all the colours made it look quite fancy…very Nigella, oh and of course I added potatoes.  The thing is I happened to come across a packet of Mediterranean chicken cook in sauce, so that was the deciding factor of what to make.  Tossed the glorious mixture of what I’m sure was pure spice delight over and put in in the oven.  Made some rice in the microwave that came out super sticky, but for all they know, I planned it like that…Made a mental note to try something chinese-y  seeing as I can do sticky rice  Sooo… I must say it all came out fabulously tasty, and I’m profoundly proud that I actually managed to get it all served at the same time, gloriously steaming hot! Gold star to me for that one… and the men thought it was spiced great…wink wink … will make sure to keep those little packets of wondrous flavours well stocked.


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