Forgetful much??

I know a lot of people think I’m the dullest crayon in the pack…But just remember; you have to mix a lot of very bright colours to get a dull brown…. So basically I’m made up out of very complex structures.  I feel that when needed I can apply cognitive and intellectual thought, but when I feel like putting the toilet paper in the fridge, so what….. I might have planned on it being nice and soothing and cold, who can honestly debate that. By the time I’m very old and have forgotten to brush my then-false teeth, or misplaced it, or whatever I might forget, I’m sure by then they will have a pill for that… so I’ll just try and remember to drink one every day.  I admit I have this distinct feeling that my brain has aged somewhat and is undergoing a transmutation and with no doubt the process will be completed on my birthday…leaving yet another cavity where the once more functioning elements used to be.  I’m standing on the precipice of defeat; age is winning its unyielding battle and leaving forgetfulness as battle scars amongst other things. I will have to equip myself with the rudiments of health and sharpen up my daily maintain and repair routine. Mental note…stock up on batteries for facial massager, play Sudoku to train brain, rub hamster cheeks upwards…and…Hmmm…Oh well I forgot what else 😉


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