31 and Counting!!!

Birthday Bliss!! Yesterday was mine and it was glorious!! My hamster cheeks stored enough sugary delights to keep me an entire winter. I received so many wondrous delights and yummy surprises.  My brother-in-Law brought me a very moreish, tiramisu cake…absolutely fabulous!! Every crumb was pure satisfaction.  I also ate way too much chocolate mocha cake that my mom brought and various cellulite depositing other delicacies.  Of course almost everybody got me chocolate. Oh  I just love good friends!!! Unfortunately I had way too much wine, but the glorious ruby red attraction was just too much to resist, and I gladly succumbed to its aromatic tastes and unforgiving next-morning headache… My sister in-law got me a beautiful ficus tree – indoor—so I have a challenge on my hands. I’m absolutely terrible at keeping anything non-plastic alive indoors…but determination has set in and this one will make it… I hope 🙂 All in all I had a tremendously fantastic birthday with so many unexpected guests, friends and family filled with wonderful gifts and spoils!! Thanks Guys x


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