To Wax or not to Wax??

So…the debate, to wax or not to wax… There is a kaleidoscope of opinions on this topic… What to get, what not…which pain meds to take beforehand, anaesthetic creams to put on, or which alcoholic beverage will work best to numb the pain and for that matter the embarrassment..  So at an evening out with a bunch of friends, we joked around about the topic as one of the ladies present has a Spa.  There are those moments where the pure imagined thought of the whole process of someone taking hot wax, plonking it on all your oh-so-sensitive areas, is just too vivid, and you can almost already feel the stinging pain in all the tender spots as your born-to-be-hairy  areas are stripped and taken back to their innocent, juvenile look.  I have a personal opinion that less is just sooo much more.  Men do not understand the physical pain and psychological scarring us as women go through to rid ourselves of our ancient body coverings. I feel they should do a couples package, him and her waxes…and I do NOT mean a back wax for him … make a mental note if you’re a man, it will serve you well in the future


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