Rose Buds In Bloom

When My girls were smaller, I wrote them a book with poems titled “Rose Buds in Bloom” here are a few of the poems:

Rose buds in bloom
Of all the wondrous, magnificent things 
You are most precious to me
With every small step,
Every freckle every spot
Every inch that you grow that I see
Slowly nurtured, gently cared for, lovingly protected
Every smile, every frown,
Every song that you sing.
Every kiss, every hug,
All the happiness you bring
Slowly nurtured, gently cared for, lovingly protected
Your beauty ever growing
Blossoming soon
my dearest dearest …rosebuds in bloom
Safe and sound
In the blackened beauty of the dark night sky
A shooting star comes shooting by.
The moon above shines bright and round
Softly glimmering without a sound
The night owls sing their nightly song
Little girls are where they belong
Softly in their snugly beds
Dreamily resting their tiny heads
Freckled Beauty
Daddy’s filled with freckly spots
Little brown and orange dots
As your first ones now appear
I hold each and every one dear
As beautiful as you are your beauty increases
Slowly but surely in small little pieces
In small little brown and orange dots…
Just like Daddy filled with spots.
Little Pleasures
Giggles of pleasure; mommy’s delight
Laughter of love; a beautiful sight
Squishy little hugs and marshmallow kisses
Smells of peaches and roses; all granted wishes
Little girls good and pure
Bundles of beauty, that’s for sure.
Mommy’s Prayer
For you my dear daughters I pray;
Blessings for every single day
Trust in the things that are true
Belief in the beauty and goodness in you
Faith to keep you on your way
Truth in all the things you say
Guidance from God high up above
Close circles of people you love
Angels to guard by your bed at night
The brightest mornings after every night.
Wishing upon a star
Off all the things I wished for and wanted
Out off all the things I hold dear
You are the magnificent wish granted
For me to treasure and keep near.
And when again I see a shooting star above
I’ll wish for only more of you love

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