Some Men…

Men…They are – and this is said in a very non-sexist way – soooo predictable.  I have come to the conclusion they are generally all the same.  The other day, I went to the hardware shop where I get oil paint at a pretty good price, wearing a very plain, bland, white mommy dress.  I must just add, that there is something about wearing white, that makes you feel almost virgin-like, angelic and innocent, which I do like to pretend I am (my mom would be sooo proud )  So this guy comes over and asks if he can “assist” me with the paint and so on, I kindly said “no thanks”. Total waste of breath as he stood stuck on the spot leaving me with a feeling of stepping in warm, baked in the sun, irritating gum on the pavement that you just cannot get of your shoe.  During the process of giving me oh –so-much guidance, he kept on sneaking a peak at my boobs… and really there is just not enough to even look at. All I was thinking was…”thank goodness for your help, how would I have ever managed to carry all three tubes of paint all the way to the counter” it would have most definitely killed me.  So I made a very annoyed, quick exit, cutting my shopping spree short.  Leaving and feeling very irritable at the bloke.  I came to the conclusion…next time when he approaches to help, I’ll simply tell him that he must just take a look at my boobs and go on his merry way so that I can have some peace and shop…. And you know, what is truly sad is that we as women can’t even get revenge and mindlessly  stare at a man’s crotch or something… because they will with no doubt NOT feel embarrassed or irritated or have a “just look at my face” feeling…oh no..They will most probably feel soooo flattered and give you that very  “o-la-la I’m so sexy aren’t I” look… idiots, you know who you are!


One thought on “Some Men…

  1. So true! Apparently some men hide it better than others though.

    Why, as women do we feel awkward/uncomfortable when it comes to asking them to back off? Took me a long time to learn to speak up….


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