Hubbard Who??

Tomorrow night my brother in law is coming over for dinner.  I have this recipe for a super delicious, ultra healthy salad that I had recently at one of my book club evenings.  With determination I set off to the local fruit and veg shop as I needed to buy some Hubbard squash for the salad.  Of course I went straight to the gem squash section, looking for the Hubbard squash…to absolutely no avail… so I approached the shop assistant and asked her if she could point me in the direction of the Hubbard squash, telling her I did look at the gems, but it wasn’t there. She proceeded to tell me I must go to the pumpkin isle, after which I asked if she could just please come show me which one of the pumpkins is the Hubbard squash.  She rolled her eyes (yes … only in South Africa would the shop assistant roll their eyes at a customer) and walked over to the pumpkins, handing me a very dark green, wart covered one.  I mean, how on earth was I supposed to know that hubbard squash doesn’t resemble gem squash in the faintest way, and that it is like normal pumpkin?  At least I know now, very educational morning indeed.  So all that I have to do is somehow get it into cubes, and cook it…not in water??? Weird, but that’s the recipe.  Oh and this recipe gets roasted pine nuts…and I must admit I had to Google how to roast nuts…and yes, I would never have guessed that you don’t use any oil… but oh well… I have all the knowledge and hopefully it will not be a total super saggy, half burnt warty hubbard squash dish, but a sensational salad.


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