Trashy Garbage

Garbage day arrives and the time to part with the previous week’s utterly disgusting waste and stench is at hand.  Municipal law states that whilst your black refuse bin is still on your yard, it is off-limits to scavengers, ONLY once it has been put out into the road, then, and only then, may it be accessed by anyone.  This is the first issue I have that leaves me feeling annoyed and frustrated, because early morning before most birds even got the chance to join a morning chorus, you can hear people scratching away in your bin.  To add to the displeasure of this, the dogs start barking, which results in a very unpleasant morning wake-up call.  The local newspaper is soo quick to say that we should be courteous, and tolerant to the people scratching in the rubbish, because they ACTUALLY do us a service by removing unwanted stuff that we would otherwise have to pay to have removed.  Well, this is the second very irritating issue that hacks me off even more!! We already pay to have the rubbish removed, and it’s not like there is anything we put out that cannot be removed by the municipality, if there WAS indeed, we would gladly pay for a removal service.  The explanation for my irritation with the whole process of these people scratching in the bin is simple… they leave all sorts of rubbish lying next to and around the bin.  Your rubbish they don’t want and some of whoevers that they now decided they don’t need, and then they trot away leaving me “serviced”.  oh thank you, you idiots!!! But I must remember that we must be “courteous” and “tolerant” to these poor people, I’m sorry, I don’t give a flying ball of poop … I won’t be… mental note: remember to save the whole weeks dog droppings and leave it on top in the bin on garbage day.


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