Drooley Dogs

I absolutely adore our two basset hounds.  When we got our first one, she seemed so regal and oh-sooo above us in stature, so we called her Duchess.  What a fitting name… she does absolutely what she wants and she has gotten ignoring any requests down to perfection.  Seeing as she is getting older, we decided upon a partner and hopefully we will end up with eye-sagging, crooked-legged little bundles of drooling joy. Thus the addition to the family … Duke.  Now let me tell you, it is said that bassets are very intelligent, but I am convinced that when it came to brains, poor Duke was definitely last in line.  When he runs, he continually trips… and yes, Duchess also use to trip over her ears and feet on occasion, but he is nearing  eight months, and he still seems unable to stabilise himself and keep his co-ordination.  He has trashed our garden to date eating 2 bougainvillea’s, 8 cuppea’s, 2 yesterday today and tomorrows, bunches of seedlings, basil, 2 dog pillows, our wooden  seating areas by our Jacuzzi and almost all the plants around our Jacuzzi  to the point where we had to fence all the plants in.  But, when the culprit stares you in the eye with droopy cuteness, drooling with plant in the mouth, it doesn’t take much for all pre-determined resistance to crumble, leaving discipline in the middle ages.  I need the dog whisperer … seriously… We have at least gotten him to walk further than the first barking dog… he use to sit down and we would have to pick him up and put him down after we past the malicious, very ferocious poodle barking….but alas that is in the past, and at least he loves to bath and have his nails clipped, whereas Duchess has to be bathed, and has to fall asleep on our bed before we can clip her nails… and yes, she doesn’t wake up through the entire process. So we have some techniques that work, but I would love to see Ceaser Millan sort out our other little issues. I honestly do not see it happening, bassets are just not like other dogs!! They pose for photos – an absolute fact – and they simply ignore you when they feel like it.  But suffer with ailing plants, loud snoring and drool we will… after all, how could you not just absolutely adore those faces??


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