And then mommy … Jesus Died!!

Friday morning my girls and I set of to visit my mom and dad in Stellenbosch. I always love the trip through the winelands, and it turned out to be a glorious April morning. Just as we left my 8 year old daughter told me that she told her sister, who is six, the whole story of Easter and Jesus.  I thought that I wouldn’t want my younger daughter to get her facts mixed up, so just to make sure what was said, I asked my daughter to tell me the story just like she told it to her sister.  She proceeded to tell me about Jesus at the Last Supper, the disciples and how Jesus broke bread and shared it, and how he shared the wine.  She turned towards her sister and said: “It was symbolising Jesus sharing his body and blood”. She proceeded to tell me how Jesus told his disciples that someone would betray him and went on telling me about Jesus praying to God not to forsake Him.  She told the story in so much detail and with such conviction and emotion, and throughout listening to her telling the entire tale, I had to swallow tears for her little voice was so distressed and the honest emotion and upset that she clearly felt for  Jesus was so clear… it made me feel so unbelievably saddened at what happened.  She said to me; “mommy, they put a crown of thorns on His head and pushed it down, and Poor Jesus bled”. She finished her story and I felt so humbled to have listened to her tale.  After a brief pause she said; “You know mommy, when we were sleeping last night, I thought that this was the time Jesus was praying to God and He must have been so scared knowing what would happen today!”  I have gone to a lot of Easter church services, but never in my entire life did I hear the story of the crucifixion where it left me feeling so touched. Being religious I thought that I do always remember what Easter is all about, but I am ashamed to say, I do remember the story and so, but I have forgotten the true feeling of Easter, and it took an eight year old child to remind me.


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