Girls will be girls

My girls are very active … And NO they do not have ADD. They are healthy, still play with dolls and prefer doing puzzels or art above watching cartoons. They make their beds every morning and tidy their rooms, they say their thank you’s and may I’s… Oh and they are only 5 and 8.

One person we know constantly shouts at them when we visit and finds them annoying and most probably think that they are naughty. It is a big fat itchy irritation to me as both my husband and I don’t treat our girls like soldiers that must just obey and never speak their minds.

We would rather strive to confirm who they are as people than what they can achieve in the world. Make no mistake my daughter in grade 2 is very bright, but I would much rather have her grow up to be confident and caring, aware of family values and well grounded. I’m sure that with that confidence she will do what she loves and reach great success. My 5 year old is very outspoken, very confident and can seem cheeky at times. She is very cute, very busy and creeps into your heart. I love my girls to bits.

I feel that we are equipping them with good values but at the same time giving them room to develop their personalities and self-confidence.

I want them to be just kids, to roll down a slimy grass bank, to try and grow trees from a seed picked of a flower, to dance however they want and shout with high pitched voices when they play and to put way to much make-up on an believe they look beautiful…and that is exactly how they are now.

So, a note to some… Don’t spoil it by talking about inappropriate things in front of them, if we wanted them all-informed about everything,we will let them watch the news and Don’t complain about their high pitched screaming or how they dance…it bothers no one but you.


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