To eat or not to eat… what was the question?

Sooo another cold day in Cape Town. Worse than just leaving a chill in my bones, this cold, gloomy weather leaves me craving all things sweet. I was spoiled by my baby sis with some jellybeans yesterday and since then my cravings have only grown to oversized, impossible to ignore, blind madness.

It is just like men and beer, they can’t have one…they need a sixpack! I need a sixpack of sugary delights!! Giant jellybeans are my favorites. I don’t know how other people enjoy or eat their treats, but I have a system. I group them by color, always bite the tip of first to get that first taste of whichever wondrously delicious flavor I’m having, and then I savor every little bit of the chewy goodness mmmmm

Glorious, I love every color except yellow… Yukky, tastes like soap. But every other delicious color will without a doubt be devoured. I always contemplate not over indulging but what an enormous waste of time… I know I will with undoubtable certainty grab for the nearest packet and retreat to a warm bed with a book … Slightly drooling and very satisfied 🙂


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