How quick we are to forget the value of life
How much it means to be a good husband of wife

Racing to go where we want to be
Forgetting to look at the beautiful landscapes and sea

Forgetting to hug or kiss loved ones goodbye
No time for regret or sadness or needing to cry

Just feeding our children and putting them to bed
No time for bonding or conversation or things to be said

Robotic to work for money to get by
No time for inner peace or God in the sky

Stop, take a moment to think to reflect
To love, to value and to respect

Don’t take for granted family that are dear
Cherish and talk and keep each other near

Tuck your kids in, read a story, say goodnight
Take time to listen to the birds and enjoy the morning light

Life’s not perfect but it is precious and we have just one
So live it to the fullest with no regrets, not even one.


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