Say What???

Kids say the darnedest things, they really do. When my daughter was about 2 she loved all the disney princesses, her favorite being Snow White… But no matter how much correction we applied, she referred to her as Snot White.

At a stage I gave class to a group of 3-4 year olds, the topic for the week being ‘my body’, and asked one particular boy to put his hands on his hips. He replied dryly; “I can’t teacher, my hips are on my other pants” I almost burst with laughter.

My soon to be six year old daughter is extremely adventurous and often comes close to bone-fracturing falls. The other night after another death defying acrobatic move where a clear thump could be heard, she jumped up and said; “I’m fine, I’m fine … I have like six more lives to go” bwhaha haha
I wonder who told her that humans have more than one life!

In another incident she threw out most of her closet looking for a pair of gloves. When I asked her what on earth happened, she scrunched up her nose and said ” It is too painful to talk about”.

Last night my girls had a sudden burst of energy and ran around our coffee table, alternating doing “sit-ups”… So the eldest told her sister that her friend said that only by walking you loose weight. So the youngest called her sister over to have a look at something, to which she replied (whilst running around the table) ” not now, I’m busy loosing weight” hahaha, shame… If only it was that simple.

These moments are so precious and gone way too soon, so we have to enjoy them whilst we have them, and use it as blackmail later (grin grin)


One thought on “Say What???

  1. It is sad but true that the little things our children do get forgotten, don’t think you will remember them all – you won’t – i regret not keeping a book of all the funnies

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