Wha laa – Maybe Not

Bored stiff as a plank this morning, I decided to look through an old cookery book that once belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

It is really old, with yellowed pages, a strange smell and absolutely NO pictures!!!

As many of you know I prefer fully illustrated, 5 step recipes that won’t leave me heaving with stress.

So paging through the smelly bundle, I came across the weirdest recipes. For all I know they may be quite popular amongst people who do a lot of cooking, like dormers, macaroni custard, skate and morue.

What on earth is Skate? And in the jam recipes they just say “strawberries, granulated sugar, water” … How much strawberries? Isn’t sugar always granulated?

They tell you to pop popcorn over the fire and use a lot of animals to cook with… Weird fish things like plaice (???), eels, rabbit, wild duck, guinea fowl and loads more. And they specify in certain recipes that the eggs must be NEW laid.

I don’t know about the whole “pluck the feathers business” – gag
Think I’ll stick to store bought and pretending that it never lived.

And trying some of these recipes … Maybe not too soon in the near future.

Mind you, I might be able to make black butter – I’m quite good at burning things 😉


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