The Poop mobile

I had a sentimental moment driving my dinky little car this morning… You see, my husband has been contemplating getting a bigger car for a while now, and it seems as if the possibility is turning into probability.

A week or so ago someone reversed into my car and left without a note. So greeted by a bumped panel and door that could not open left me in dismay.

The damage ended up being quite a lot and of course we have to pay in a heartburn-giving amount in excess to our insurance. Strategic as men are, my husband leapt at this opportunity an suggested getting a new car.

He has been eyeing a much bigger Peugout stationwagon. Yes I agree it has ample space and compared to kids that usually kick at the back of my seat to fit in, it would most probably be ok… But it is (according to only me it seems) poop colored.

It astounds me to think that people can actually park this car as it looks huge! I already made a mental note to go to school early when I fetch the girls, and park way before any other car comes. I’ll without a doubt never parallel park the poop mobile.

One thing is for sure… I’ll always find it in a parking lot – being poop colored and all.


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