Party Pleasures

The thought of shopping for yummy party sweets always leaves me drooling like a teething baby. Tomorrow morning there will be a definite spring in my step as I prepare to go off to one of my most favorite dingy places, the cash-n-carry.

I am ever so thankful that my youngest is having a party soon, and the anticipation of what would be available to buy is almost unbearable.

I am convinced that my problem with sweets stem from being deprived as a child. Sure we got plenty, but we never had glow in the dark lollipops, and color-changing popping candy, or melted chocolate in tubes,or tiny bottles with squirty sour juice, or mini hamburgers or hotdogs.

I would have been a much better balanced grown up if I had the opportunity to color my tongue, pop out a tooth, looked for that tooth with my glow in the dark lollipop, and rinse it all down with squirty sour juice… After I had my mini sweetie hamburger of course… Lol

No really, kids get to have great fun with sweets. And of course they are filled with all sorts of colourants and preservatives and what not, but they have a party only once a year, so why not enjoy it.


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