Toilet trauma

I fear public toilets. No matter how shiny the tiles or floors, they somehow still manage to make me cringe. I read once that more germs are found on the handles of the first and last toilet cubicles as most people prefer the nearest toilet, or I suppose try to get further away depending on their supposed need.

Naturally I avoid these, but no matter where I decide to go I try to make contact with the germ infested handle using the least amount of skin possible.

Then there is the toilet seat… Gag… Using the sanitary wipes is only a small solution as the mere thought of possibly wiping someone else’s vile germs off also make me cringe.

I hate the whole process and only go when I feel close to bursting with need. The thing that bothers me the most is undoubtedly entering a full bathroom and knowing that whichever cubicle I will have to enter, someone would have been in there seconds before me…I can’t help scrutinizing my predecessor, and a image of that bum adorning the toilet seat I have to use.

It really is gross if you think about it! So unless you have absolutely no other choice and you have to go, my advise is simple, squat or refrain from having too many beverages!


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