Scared yet?

I absolutely hate stupid movies! I mean why would you sneak down the stairs after hearing a noise and switch no lights on? Yes, I get that there would be no movie without a highly unintelligent victim, but some really stretch the plot.

For what imaginable reason would you poke your hand in a spider web filled black hole after seeing some sort of monstrous thing lurking around snatching peoples limbs off?

Why do the b-grade scary movies always have a corn field and crows and rooms filled with torn material hanging from the ceiling…do farmers always plant corn and constantly renovate leaving rooms full of dust and spider webs?

Do these movies truly scare some people?? I find it utterly worrying to think it does…can society be so stupid?

I’m pathetically pathetic as I consider myself easily scared, but these movies only invoke a sense of annoyance and at times laughter.

I have found myself utterly frightened when I find myself alone at home during nights where my husband had to work. Every sound seems amplified and I work out ten thousand escape routes that I could possibly take if an exit is needed. But never have I felt the need to investigate a sound or go exploring in the dark.

Movies that do scare me are the ones that leave you feeling “not” scared…but when you go to bed or have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and a split second thought about the movie leaves your hair standing on end and you jolting back to your bed, now those are scary.

Usually, for me, it entails something far closer to reality like the fact that when the hairs in your neck stand up a ghost passed you by, or a ghostly remain that flashes in a mirror on your way past … Ok, so it seems like mostly ghosts. But not the corn field dwelling ones, more the Sixth sense ones. Movies like The Others scary scary…


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