Experimentingly Saggy

I’m contemplating subjecting by body to science… Haven’t decided yet, but considering. This year has truly marked the spot on my life calendar where I can see a very clear and distinct dulling effect in my skin. Sure I’m constantly poisoning it by not drinking enough water and forever having overdoses of sugar, but still it is sadingly depressing.

Besides the dulling, forever crevasse forming skin, every other part of my body seems to be on a frantic race to see which can sag down the quickest. Sigh… What to do? So, grabbed this book I have on Yoga and flipped through it to see if anything seems worth trying.

Under the steps and bla-d-bla, they say “if your body hurts at any point you should stop” … Well I can tell you now, looking at those moves, this body will hurt. Now does that mean I should stop before I start? I think so.

Another depressing reality is my boobs sudden urge to stretch themselves as far down as they can possibly go…I reckon I should start tracking their descent by taking yearly measurements from nipple to toe.

I will with absolution start going on a sugar diet … After all the party sweets are done … And try to have at least a glass or two of water in addition to heart health increasing amounts of exercise 😦

So my contribution to science will be to see if the effects of moderate exercise and no dieting other than less sugar and more water will improve my almost deadly looking dull skin and saggy boobs.

Now off to go measure I go… Hi ho hi ho ladi da tidi da da da


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