Dearing Dead Space

Sharing my dearest husbands addiction to Playstation games, I find myself in the thrall of yet another gruesomely addictive game; Dead Space. It basically entails a man in a suit, very unflattering one, walking through a spaceship thing, surviving as he goes along.

I don’t know why game developers can’t give us women the opportunity to pick his outfit like in tomb raider…anyhow, there is this female voice singing twinkle twinkle little star in the most eerie way and gross monsters jumping out at you when you least expect it! I can’t focus with the eerie song and the stress of having to run and aim AND shoot at the same time!!

I must say that this game is scaringly scary and leaves you feeling the need for a just-in-case nappy. When it gets quiet, then you undoubtedly know something is coming…whaaaa

And then just as you almost die from the anxiety and stress from the images and moves that you have to perform, this eerie laughter suddenly starts and a thing with tentacles and a weird gross head jumps out at you…it makes me stress so much that I end up aiming everywhere except at the thing!

It is too much for me to handle, and I feel a faint stress headache setting in. My husband can say what he wants, but I can see he is just as stressed hahaha, he is on the tip of the couch and almost pooped himself when this fat bloated bat-leach like thing jumped on his head whhaaa hahaha

He just told me “your right, they came alive babes” hahaha

Oh no…there goes the woman again…twinkle twinkle la la la


One thought on “Dearing Dead Space

  1. “Navigating” can be just as frightening as “driving” with these games, and sometimes more frustrating when the “driver” has trouble differentiating between left & right or doesn’t listen to you about where health & other pickups are…*sigh*… A nice bit of family time though! If you liked playing Deadspace, Bioshock or Last of Us are both fun games you & your hubby should try. Plenty of puzzle-solving as well as scares.

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