OCD – I think not!!

OCD – oh what’s in a word… This little abbreviation has become such a comfortable way to explain away all habits, bad or not. Watching an episode of “Hoarders”, I came to the concrete conclusion that some of those people are joyously riding the OCD train, hopping off at each possible stop of sympathy and attention. Seriously, this one guy kept his dog’s hair…every gross, vile filled bit! But not anywhere in particular, just all over his filthy house. (GAG) I’m telling you he was just plain lazy, oh please and those fake tears! If I had a box of tissues … I would throw it at him.

To a degree I suppose everyone has a habit or two that might raise an eyebrow, us humans just love having some sort of disorder, so more often than not we throw it in the OCD category. I don’t particularly consider myself to have anything other than stupendously stupid habits.

Like heaps of people I love to fill my bath with scalding hot water to the point where it makes me feel itchy, then I scratch, and it burns! And I scratch again…and of course I know that the hot water will make me itch, and that when I scratch it will burn! Then I usually take the shampoo or bubblebath, eye cream, face cream, well anything with a label, and read the entire label. Yes, I do read the same labels over and over, but I do it…don’t know why, but I do. I could stop at any point and don’t HAVE to read them. So – habit, not disorder. I also count cupboard doors and drawers, but this too stems out of utter boredom. Yet again – habit, not compulsion.

Yes yes, and you all know by now that I don’t like it when the different foods on my plate touch. I just feel that I want to be in control of mixing the flavors if I wanted to! And I don’t feel blissfully-cartwheel- throwing happy if someone dishes up for me and just plonks everything on taking no care to keep the heaps separate, but I CAN still eat. So again – control issues, not OCD.

I’m sure you all have very entertaining habits as well, feel free to enlighten the world with them, it will make for interesting reading! For now I’ll stick to my habits just because I want to…


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