Letters to my imaginary friends – Dear Tinkerbell

Dear Tinkerbell

I do sooo love your fairy dust. My attempts to fly is yet to be successful, but I remain forever hopeful. I lost the letter with the instructions for use…or rather it caught alight when I tried to warm it over an open flame to activate the secret ink. Could you possibly send me another one?

I have also tried the outfit that you sent me, but due to the winter cold I have not yet had the opportunity to wear it…it is a little sparse. I remain confident that I will shed a few extra centimeters before spring, and with a little bit of luck fit into it, or some of it.

I have had some great success with the glitter dust and my cheeks did look sparkly, I have however run out, for the bottle was so small it barely lasted two applications.

I am so sorry about the demise of Lilly Bloom an Sugar Plum… I heard a clear. “Poof” sound when a friend said to me that fairies aren’t real, and instantly knew they were gone. Our quest to ensure the survival of the fairy race is therefore still in a bit of turmoil.

I trust that you will consider my requests and look forward to hear from you soon.

Fairy Greetings

Your friend

Quack Quack

I started my Sunday morning trying out various recipes for cupcake batters. Apparently there is some science to it, ones with more butter and less sugar to flour ratio are supposed to be softer, more sugar and flour leads to a crispy top and is more cake-like. So, I had an order for caramel avalanche cupcakes and wanted a softer top too make the filling easier.

I ended up with 3 batches of vanilla cupcakes that where either too buttery or that had risen too high. I told the girls earlier that we’ll take a walk to the nearby duck pond because the weather was so lovely. Just as I took out another flopped batch of cupcakes, they came asking when we’ll go. Seeing my frustration and annoyance, my husband said he’ll take them so that I can finish my baking.

Finally I ended up with twelve perfectly evenly sized golden delicious cupcakes! Feeling a renewed sense of baking pleasure I filled them and ended up with the most perfectly smooth super white fluffy icing to go on top. I saw the girls coming up the road and as I opened the door I greeted my husband and eldest daughter and saw pure guilt on both there faces.

I immediately knew something was up and demanded they fess up…at this point Jaime took out a duck egg and said that she wants to hatch it. Of course my husband said he had “nothing” to do with it. So several google sessions later, we now have the egg on a heating pad. it has to be kept at a constant temperature, be turned several times a day, be moistened!! Believe me, I have new found respect for mother ducks.

I did put up a huge – you should not have bla bla – session with Jaime, after which she said I could have all her savings an she’ll do whatever I want for the whole year. Hahaha, so being such a good mommy I said that she could keep it and if it does hatch she should feed it nice and fat and then I’ll cook it for christmas. Lol

Only joked though! If by some miracle the thing does hatch, she has names lined up and I will absolutely leave it in dearest hubby’s hands to look after. Go figure, the one time I leave him to take the girls to the pond alone, they come back with a potential pet!