Letters to my imaginary friends – Dear Tinkerbell

Dear Tinkerbell

I do sooo love your fairy dust. My attempts to fly is yet to be successful, but I remain forever hopeful. I lost the letter with the instructions for use…or rather it caught alight when I tried to warm it over an open flame to activate the secret ink. Could you possibly send me another one?

I have also tried the outfit that you sent me, but due to the winter cold I have not yet had the opportunity to wear it…it is a little sparse. I remain confident that I will shed a few extra centimeters before spring, and with a little bit of luck fit into it, or some of it.

I have had some great success with the glitter dust and my cheeks did look sparkly, I have however run out, for the bottle was so small it barely lasted two applications.

I am so sorry about the demise of Lilly Bloom an Sugar Plum… I heard a clear. “Poof” sound when a friend said to me that fairies aren’t real, and instantly knew they were gone. Our quest to ensure the survival of the fairy race is therefore still in a bit of turmoil.

I trust that you will consider my requests and look forward to hear from you soon.

Fairy Greetings

Your friend


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