James Blunt comes to Cape Town

Yesterday was most probably the longest Tuesday I’ve had to live through…anticipation and excitement the factors contributing to my lengthy day. A dear friend of mine surprised me with an invitation to go and see James Blunt perform live and the Grand Arena at Grandwest!! I absolutely love James Blunt and could hardly wait for her to pick me up to go.

Opening the show was Elvis Blue, SA Idols winner…and let me tell you, he can really sing and is cute to boot! He put up a great vocal and stage performance that left me stunned. Not at all what I expected, we definitely have some good local talent brewing. If you have not yet seen or heard him sing, google it and have a look. It will be well worth your while 🙂 His rendition of Hallelujah was absolutely beautiful!

As he finished and we sat waiting for James, we wolfed down some winegums and I could feel an elevated sense of excitement rise in the audience. Then suddenly the lights dimmed, my heart did a few somersaults and I nearly died when I looked to my right and saw him entering from the back a few isles down. So get this, I nearly slapped my poor fiend with excitement and pointed to him…and as he was trotting down, four girls that had yet to find their seats walked right past him! The didn’t even realize it was him!!!

I would have undoubtedly taken my chances and groped whatever part I could get a hold of!! 😉 He wore faded jeans and a faded grey shirt, but it looked gooood! As the opening song sounded, we could finally get rid of some built up excitement. The stage looked stunning and every song was sung to perfection. James Blunt is truly a talented artist and he and his band had wonderful stage presence! What an awesome concert!! It will definitely be one of the nights I commit to memory forever. Thanks so much Andra – jy’s ‘n skarrebol!!!

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