Parking Paranoia

You know that feeling you get at the very top of a roller coaster…the one of dread, not to be confused with the one of excitement? Well, that is how I feel when I have to parallel park. So the simplified solution to my dilemma is to park where I can simply drive into a spot, and where the word “parallel” is not involved. Sadly the traffic surrounding my daughter’s school at one o’ clock makes it impossible to do this.

I usually see to it that I am there about forty minutes before the bell goes, thus ensuring stress free parking. I can pick out a nice spot, simply drive into it and leave enough room to comfortably drive out again. The days where I find myself unable to get to the school early, I perspire and almost brake out in hives when I drive up and see the smallest space, if any, available. I simply skip it and circle till there is a comfortable three car space for me to pull into.

The traffic is really heavy to the degree where people even double park, and no, they don’t leave their cars running…they switch them off and park! Last week I parked and this old guy parked right next to me, car switched off and all. I thought to myself that even though I’m parked in, at least I’m parked! The very next day, he did the exact same thing, I felt a bit annoyed having to wait, but oh well.

To my absolute astonishment another women double parked next to the guy that double parked next to me!! And this is in a normal two-way road. At first I thought she stopped for a car from the front, but apparently not. The cherry on top was when the old man wanted to go and he was parked in! Whahahaha, he got very agitated and started hooting.

Oh the joy! I still don’t venture into the dismal world of parallel parking and I reckon I need hours and hours of professional training and some sort of stress relief tablets 🙂 For the moment I’ll stick to the parking spots that call out to me…

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