Bubble trouble

My daughter made me a concoction of lavender, bathsalt and bubblebath and presented it to me with great excitement. So after the girls went to bed I thought I’ll go and soak in a steamy hot bath with her little mix. It was a small but very potent amount, which I did not realize at first.

As the water poured in, it created thousands of gloriously foaming bubbles. As I sat taking in the warmth and enjoying the relief after a very cold day, I started feeling a little bit worried over the mounting bubbles. There were little bits of soapy, foaming bubble balls floating up and looking like snowflakes trapped in a small space.

As I sat pondering over a few scientific bubble related facts, I remembered that soap counter acts the bubbles ability to bubble and foam, so I grabbed the soap and lathered up. I felt quite happy with my impeccable knowledge right up till the moment where I realized it had failed me. The bubbles did not get any less and did not dissipate as I had hoped.

Defeated I eventually got out covered in a bubble suit and struggled to dry it off. I kept having a feeling that soap should have worked at the back of my mind, pondering over the ingredients that could possibly be in the bubble mix. Whilst reminding myself that I should go check the label, I proceeded with my nightly repair and maintain routine. As I was rubbing my night cream in, remembering to do it in small circular movements and up up up, I thought that the moisturiser felt rather thick. My skin did feel very taught but nice and as I proceeded to the eye cream, I realized that I actually put eye cream over my whole face and neck!

Oh well!! At least I felt warm and moisturised 🙂