Happy Holiday

Kicking back and having a bit of a holiday with family always leaves you wanting more. With only one week school holiday we at least made the most of it. The girls started a painting that they wanted to do and during the first two days of holiday I did some sorting and spring cleaning in the house.

With dust filled lungs and some effort getting everything packed, we set of on Wednesday to join my mom and dad in Langebaan up on the West Coast. The kids could hardly wait and the short trip seemed endless for them. On arrival we unpacked and made ourselves comfy in the tent.

With breathtaking ocean views and the rumble of the breaking waves we sat around the fire pit in the chill spring air. We had gloriously warm days and the girls could enjoy the water park and super tubes to their delight.

I simply loved the crisp morning air and the smell of filter coffee bubbling away in a pot, and the assurance that with it will be a waiting bowl of rusks. It is such a pleasure sitting in the serene, calm, cool morning breeze, watching the waves and boats in the distance.

The beach is beautiful and with rocks on both sides there are some fabulous places to walk to. We went to pick up some shells and gathered a collection of miniature ones to be proud of. My mom and the girls built a sandcastle after my dad’s attempt washed away…the girls loved it.

Hubby and I took nice strolls along the beach whilst the girls splashed away and he even drew some romantic hearts in the sand for me…I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful family! It was such a nice escape and a tremendous treat for the girls. Thanks to awesome grandparents that always have patience and endless love and support to give. We feel rested and blessed. 🙂


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