That old Bag!

I’m not a “bag” person…I do love a nice looking handbag, but don’t have an obsessive compulsion to get a new one every month. You get two types of handbags in my opinion, too big or too small.

The small ones can’t hold all our necessary daily junk, can hardly hold a phone, sunglasses, keys and what not. The big ones seem to swallow up everything, and it is impossible to find anything.

Various solutions are at hand, and with the “super cool” bag organizers you can get nowadays, it seems bag problems are at an end. I received one of these nifty little things a while back, and plonked it into my bag that consisted of only one huge cavity. It worked a treat!!! … For the first day 😦

Yes, it had lots of little compartments and a spot for everything, but now I found that I struggled to find anything just as much as I did before. Those little compartments confused me and with an already questionable memory, I just could not remember where I decided to put what. I was left scratching through all the little compartments like an idiot at the shop.

Scientifically gifted as you all know me to be, I have come to the conclusion that all handbags are indeed Black Holes…they pull all sorts of junk into them and retrieval of items seem hopeless. I sometimes feel quite fearful knowing that my bag is reaching the point where I’ll have to sort it out (big sigh).

Sadly I see no solution for females world wide, it’s an unsolvable dilemma. I reckon you should just cram everything in till bursting point, then go shop for a new bag, remove your purse, keys, glasses…and so on. Put that in your new bag, and dump the rest…chances are it will be junk anyway!


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