The Cape Winelands in color

I often wonder how people perceive the world. I adore the Cape Winelands and going to visit my mom and dad always leaves me with a scenic trip that stimulates all my senses. It might only be a twenty minute drive there, but it is always beautiful no matter how turbulent or glorious the weather.

I always look at the mountains and vineyards and my mind automatically tries to formulate which colors I would have to blend to get the specific greens or blues or browns. What a magnificent masterpiece of creation.

I would never paint any landscapes. I know with certainty that I would never be able to capture the essence and beauty of it, and would not be able to do it any justice. There is something so unbelievably spectacular about the shadows cast over the mountains and the soft white clouds slowly creeping over that I feel it cannot be captured.

The air seems crisper and the sheer size of the mountains towering around you, makes you appreciate their stature and power in the scheme of things. The vineyards and the smell of fermenting grapes well on their way to being transformed into glorious ruby red wine and crisp whites are a smell so familiar and pleasant.

It’s truly beautiful and if you have not been there yet, it is well worth a visit.


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