The annual athletics inter house at the girls school, was held today. After “weeks” of preparation, they were filled with mixed emotions of excitement and dread. My eldest told me in her most “poor me” voice that her attempts at running ended in nothing more than an almost last place.

So as any good parent, I tried to tell her that trying her best is all that counts and that ending last does not matter whatsoever to me and her dad. Obviously this was a failed attempt on my part to repair her already damaged ego…poor thing. If only we can let our kids know that school is only a small social experience in a much bigger global scheme, and that after school all these little trivial things will seem like a whole lot of nonsense.

My youngest has not yet had any experience with school sports, so this being her first, she was super excited and ready to “win a trophy” πŸ™‚ she has been running up and down our passage for days “practicing”. Let’s hope she makes it to the end and remains in high spirits at the end of it all!

If we as parents could save our children from disappointment, I’m sure we would gladly do that. So as all the war cries started, the groups started and as the youngest got positioned behind the starting line, I felt so much hope and excitement for her, she set off and looked adorable and determined…she finished 4th.

The eldest set off in her group with a bang, but was more worried about checking that the girls behind her stayed just there…she finished second last. Afterwards she came to me beaming saying “you were right mommy, I didn’t come last” we had a good chuckle about it, and I was so relieved that her spirits were still high, and that she had so much fun doing it.

To me that fourth and second last place felt like first πŸ™‚

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