Any Fleas in your Market?

Fight or Flight…I’m not a social phobe at all but there are those times…

Being a bit slow to sometimes get things going, I finally decided to have a stall at a local market with two friends. I’ve had a few ones before at tiny markets, but this one was at a well known market frequented by loads of looking-for-a-bargain shoppers.

I always end up having tons to do the night before the market. It is almost as if I stagnate the weeks before and then it hits like a ton of bricks that I have yet to make things for the next day. I thought I would be super clever and make some fabric covered words….aaaaagh so cute, would be a breeze to make, SO NOT!!! I ended up in a battle of wills, mine against the glue’s. It took a whole lot of effort and getting my fingers stuck to everything, and in the end I managed to make only two words 😦 Very unsatisfying! in between cutting the fabric and waiting for layers of glue to dry, I managed to finish off one painting, 4 angels, 8 magnetic cow blackboards, and a few bits and bobs to just aid as fillers for the stall.

Getting to the market was effortless enough, getting everything set up was quite a mission. So there we were, all ready for the day…and then it rained. Not too much, but enough to be unpleasant and in occasional bursts. We were blessed with some glorious bursts of sunshine every now and then, so I suppose complaining would be uncalled for.

I absolutely love markets, the smell of cinnamon pancakes and coffee. The abundance of artery clogging deep fried chips in coned-shaped paper cups, or twirled in spirals on sticks…yum. Then the stalls… Dolls, wooden toys, clothes, lamps, fruit and nuts, sweets and loads more. There was even a stall that offered some psychic help and what not, very dodgy.

The thing I hate is the actual interaction required between me and potential customers. That’s when my fight or flight response goes into total overdrive. I absolutely cringe and wish the earth could momentarily open up and suck me into it so that I could avoid the situation. I’ve realized that I would much rather prefer not knowing who buys my goods.

All in all the day went well and hopefully I’ll attempt to go to another market in the future. I’m not totally convinced yet, but if I go only to enjoy the smells and watching the people go by, then that will be satisfying enough.


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