I scream, You scream …

Having two very busy girls, you instantly know something is brewing when there is a sudden prolonged silence in the house. On saturday, after a busy day, my husband and I sat watching a movie whilst the girls were busy playing in and around the house.

Earlier they asked if they can have some ice-cream when the ice-cream man comes around on his bicycle. I said no, seeing to the fact that they had some two days in a row already. My response was met with grumpy faces, but I stood firm in my decision and they went to their rooms to draw.

The rest of the afternoon they went through the normal stages of bickering, giggling, running, shouting and playing when I heard them go to the bathroom… After a few minutes of silence I went to inspect and found them putting on some make up. I thought I’d leave them to it, after all girls will be girls.

Suddenly I smelled a strange smell and when going in to inspect what they were up to again, I found that Jaime had sprayed Meagan’s hair red and was in the process of trying to wash It. I immediately asked what’s going on and they both got such a fright, guilt very clearly visible on those little faces. Jaime was on the defense immediately saying it was not her fault, which of course Meagan insisted it was.

All I wanted to do was burst out in laughter, but I kept a stern face and told them both that after I washed Meagan’s hair, they would go and tidy their rooms spotlessly. Meagan was sobbing whilst I was trying to get the red out her hair and out of her eyes…poor child. After I was done, I told them to go to their rooms and I’ll be in shortly to see if they have tidied up.

Sitting in the lounge I heard Jaime sob and say to Meagan ” I’m so sorry, I love you” to which Meagan replied; “yes, we must just stick together hey? “. I could almost not contain my laughter. They are so cute!

Later that evening Jaime came to me and told me that they actually hatched a plan to get Ice-cream, after which she proceeded to show me their protest posters that they had made. The idea was that they would put on make up and so on and then protest until we allowed the to buy ice-cream from the ice-cream man. She said ” mommy… I think we just got a bit excited, and over did it a bit”

Bwhahahahahaha… Oh my goodness, it was so funny.


3 thoughts on “I scream, You scream …

  1. Ah come on, they made PROTEST POSTERS! Surely that is enough to warrant just one more day of Ice-cream? I am SO remembering this tactic for when I need to get my own way, because I am certain that it will work. Like Jaime said, they just got a tiny bit overexcited….

    Love hearing their stories.

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