The end is in sight

With only two weeks of school left, it feels like time is sprinting away from me leaving me standing at the starting blocks. I love school holidays and having the girls home. They can drive me completely insane, but I wouldn’t swap it for anything. We have so many plans, and between making biscuits and getting everyone something for Christmas it seems we’ll be very busy.

My youngest daughter is starting grade one next year. Going through the list of things she has to have, I felt a lump slowly forming in my throat. It seems so silly, I have been through this before, but the thought that she has to start facing the stresses of “big school” is almost too much to deal with. I am freaking out in stages and this morning I yet again experienced one of them.

I continuously wonder if she’ll cope with the work, or get on with her teacher. She is extremely fond of her current teacher and considering the important roll a teacher plays in a child’s life, I am hoping for another good relationship with her new one. Being a bit on the wild and adventurous side, I of course also wonder if she’ll behave and stay inside the school till I fetch her instead of going out the gate and waiting outside or wherever. I hope she makes good friends and that boys totally gross her out till she’s at least twenty!

I will have to go get all the necessities soon. I suppose delaying the inevitable remains unavoidable so best get it over and done with. (Big sigh)

Worst of all, now that both girls are going to be in school I suddenly feel much older 😦 … Mental note: Will have to sharpen up my repair and maintain routine 😉

One thought on “The end is in sight

  1. You know this does not really ever go away, that feeling I mean. At some point you have to trust what you have taught them. Mine are sixteen and seventeen and the oldest is going to college next year. There have been mistakes along the by me as a parent and them as children but we all learn along the way. They know you love them, so hear Alec Guinnesses voice, Trust the Force!


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