Electrifying Revenge

I love all God’s creatures given that they are covered in fur or feel fluffy and have an endoskeleton. The crunchy bugs with exoskeletons definitely fall in my “grab the doom” category, and anything with composite eyes as well.

My list topper is undoubtedly the common house fly. I can have several fits of annoyance and irritation in very short succession when those pesky little buggers are anywhere in my vicinity. Hate being a strong word, I HATE them!! What an irritation, and I swear they have evolved. The minute you get the fly swatter, they retreat to the ceiling. I have completely given up using pesticides…they only work if you make contact with the fly and only rids you of them briefly before the next bunch of groupies arrive.

I would have no shame taking them and slowly pulling out their wings, torturing them with promise of food and then leaving them to starve. Seriously! I can not stand them. The new breed of house fly leisurely flies down and sits on your leg or wherever, and even if you give it a shake, they stay put. You have to almost swat it away with your hand.

So whilst doing some Christmas shopping, I saw this insect killing thing. It is made especially for indoor use and uses an ultraviolet light to attract the flies and then electrocutes them. Bwhahahahaha (evil laugh).
I immediately purchased one! I truly felt rejuvenated and as if I had won a prize :). I could hardly wait to get home to plug it in.

So after scanning through the instructions briefly, I proceeded to hang it up and plug it in, and wha laa, pest attracting ultraviolet light! It was mesmerizing, I stood gazing at it until… Zap!! , well more like zzzt, and the first victim was claimed.

Whoo whoo πŸ™‚ victory is mine mwha ha ha ha ha. (Bum shake)

Ultraviolet is definitely my new favorite colored light (BIG smile)


3 thoughts on “Electrifying Revenge

  1. We had a serious case of fruit flies in our kitchen this summer, they’re really fast little suckers! I used the vacuum on them, really effective! πŸ™‚


  2. i found 2 types of fly in in my area 1 is a bit obedient ( if you move them with hand or shake your body they never come back) and 2nd one some sticky ( like today’s Boys if they found some girl in party or public place stick on it)


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