Christmas Cheer

Christmas is such a blissful day, bringing together friends and family. I relish in the festivities and always look forward to the traditions formed over years and the joy and excitement when the girls open up their presents.

We always have Gammon, and the salty satisfaction of it is definitely something I always look forward to, gloriously glazed with applesauce or some well matured whole grain mustard. This year my dad made a fantastic broccoli salad with purple onions,baby tomatoes and roasted sunflower seeds. It was divine, and the crisp green broccoli with the ruby redness of the tomatoes and purple onions looked mouthwatering.

We always make an abundance of puddings, my absolute favorite part of the meal šŸ™‚ my mom made a delicious trifle with crisp sweet cherries, mountains of cream and sherry soaked layers of sugar bread. We strayed away from other traditional desserts this year, so we also had some glorious chocolate mousse and a rich, creamy peppermint tart with layers of crunchy, butter rich biscuits. We also had a unbelievable moist chocolate cake engulfed in a rich chocolate sauce and walnuts. My mom made a lovely lemon meringue that had a fabulously tart taste.

Between all the glasses of ruby red wines and the aromatic flavors of food and satisfying desserts, we were all left feeling blessed and happy. My dad decorated their house with lights, our girls love it, and he specially does it for them every year. So as the sun set we went for a stroll and looked at all the lights.

After leaving my parents house, we stopped by at my husband’s brother-in-law’s house and spent some time having a glass of wine whilst the girls played with the other children. We left after twelve and the girls only got to bed at one in the morning, so we had a very full day filled with excitement and joy. It is such a blessing having so much joy and happiness and being surrounded by love. I realize that I’m very fortunate to know so many wonderful loving people.

I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Christmas as well. xx


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