Eat Milkshake…Eat!!

Adding a new addition to the family is always exciting…so hello Milkshake! Named by the girls of course, we now have a dwarf chameleon as pet. I didn’t realize how much work such a small ugly little critter could be.

He needs to have a temperature controlled environment, which you have to mist three times daily, with plants and rocks. Then there is the small matter of feeding him…live insects…gross! So off we went to the local pet shop, but to no avail. They only stocked freeze dried insects, which I thought would be fine, so I purchased a tin of crickets. At home we opened it and I had to fight my gag reflex because not only did they smell, by they looked fresh and shiny and moist … Gag gag gag.

Seeing as my motherly instincts told me with overpowering determination that the poor chameleon needed to be fed, I grabbed my tweezers and pinched one of the cricket’s by it’s leg (gag) and held it out towards Milkshake. Nothing…not even a response… He clearly was not interested at all.

So I went to bed and had nightmares of how the chameleon’s head swelled up and he died of starvation (have no idea what a swollen head has to do with starving) and in another he trapped a small bird and was sucking it’s juices…gaaaaaag!!

Seriously, this thing made me feel stressed! Monday morning I spotted a small preymantis, I felt like a predator on prowl and snatched it up ant took it to the chameleon. Milkshake spotted it and zapped it up! I felt relieved and satisfied knowing that at least he was fed.

Apparently they love flies, go figure! Now that I want flies in the house, we have none. So feeling anxious about his food intake, we tried to give him crickets again, but I think he shares my view on those stinky juicy dead-but-alive looking things.

Yesterday I hunted flies and finally got one by it’s wing, I held it to the Chameleon and ZAP! Gone in an instant ๐Ÿ™‚ it was fabulous, so the girls and I kept an eye out for any possible flies in and outside of the house and believe it or not, we took about ten to him and he zapped each and every one.

Clearly he likes the flies! And I enjoy knowing that they get eaten alive mwhahahaha (evil laugh) so it’s a very satisfying win-win situation. We are getting some insects from another pet shop and hopefully we can manage to give him a better balanced diet. I however doubt that I will be the one dishing out living worms to him…I have my limits after all and the thought of even having slimy squishy worms in my hand, gives me shivers and involuntarily makes me frown with disgust. Definitely passing that to dearest hubby to do. I’ll stick to my fly revenge ๐Ÿ˜‰


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