And so it begins…

The above words are going to dictate my year in every fabulous way 🙂

January is fast becoming a memory as February creeps nearer. With a wonderful christmas and new year leaving us with blissful memories, we enter the new year with new lists and hopes, aspirations or in some cases I suppose anxiety and stress. In the end it really comes down to how you perceive things and how you choose to feel about it as well.

This year I made no new year’s resolution lists, I refuse to put things on paper that will leave me with regret when I’m unable to tick them off the list. I won’t feel like a failure when I don’t reach specific goals and won’t feel guilty when I eat mountains of chocolate after I said that I wouldn’t 😉
After all, life is for living!

I must say the year has kicked off well. I have embraced my frizzy not-curly-but-stupidly-wavy-hair and have let it go astray giving my straightner a well deserved break. My daughter did say that my hair looks weird and there is no doubt in my mind that it is so not a sexy look, but I couldn’t care less.

I have allowed myself some sun, which I never do, and have realized that just like golden fried chicken, my fat also looks better a little more on the bronzed side. I am ridding myself of things that get me down and I’m trying to not control everything! The latter is quite hard to do, but I do feel less stressed just by attempting it.

I have left the house messy and instead sat outside with hubby having a glass of wine. I hardly ever drink, and never over do it, but I must admit I enjoyed a recent visit with a family member and over indulged a slight bit. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and conversation and it was great letting go a bit.

I always feel that I want to say something or do something but never do… That is yet another thing I am definitely changing. I want to spontaneously do things and not worry over what people would think or say. Feeling empowered is truly a great feeling. I often think that in being so considerate towards other people’s views and opinions and feelings that I leave myself at the very shortest end of the rope, and it does seem selfish I suppose, but I’m pulling very hard to make my side just about as long as everybody else’s.

I’m going to paint more, be more expressive of my feelings, be more assertive, and be more indulgent in all things glorious!

This year is going to be a fabulous one! I can feel it! And on the days when I am doubtful of this I’ll just go to the shop and buy some chocolate! Nothing like the soft, lusciously deliciousness of chocolate to fix a doubtful mind!


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