Cough sneeze wheeze

I do not understand how people could get addicted to cough mixture. I believe taking too much medicine can never be a good thing, but after a week of constant coughing and feeling very congested to the point where my voice is starting to fade away (much to my husband’s delight I suppose), I decided to finally give up and went and bought some cough mixture. Seeing a well known brand I felt comfortable with my choice and purchased my soon to be relief remedy.

Upon arriving home I immediately checked the dosage and proceeded to pour it into a spoon. So as this foul smelling brown liquid filled the spoon, I contemplated whether I should have had some water on hand, but immediately dismissed the thought seeing as I’m not a child after all.

Mistake of epic proportions!!! Besides the thick consistency and putrid smell, the taste was absolutely terrible. It was almost as if my body rejected it and I had to seriously focus on swallowing it rather than spitting it out. I grabbed some much needed water and tried to rid my mouth of the taste to no avail. I progressed to juice and that seemed to help… A bit. I wonder if it actually cures your cough, or just sends your body into so much shock that you forget about coughing…the latter seems to be a greater possibility to me.

Yuk yuk yuk!!!! So either people that are addicted to cough mixture, have serious taste bud problems or I obviously bought the wrong brand. Facing my dosage before bed, I am well prepared… Two glasses of juice, something sweet (as reward to myself for drinking the putrid medicine πŸ˜‰ ) and a slightly smaller spoon. Have a dose is still better than none at all.

Mental note to self: when the girls don’t want to drink their cough medicine, they are not being fussy, they simply feel tortured.

2 thoughts on “Cough sneeze wheeze

  1. I can’t stand the taste of cough syrup either and drinking juice with cough mixture gives me terrible heartburn. The best advice I can give you is continue taking your cough syrup even after you start feeling better because if you stop too soon the coughing comes back even stronger.


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