Put a little frill in your Underwear

You are what you wear… And yes, your underwear defines you! I have mentioned in a previous post that I believe in great underwear, and not for obvious reasons like your husband or boyfriend or whoever, but completely and utterly for yourself!

No matter your mood, a good set of undies can cheer you up, increase your confidence and put the spring back in your step! I have noticed that it seems the older people get, the more “age appropriate” their underwear appears to be. I see absolutely no reason why a sixty year old women should wear granny panties. I have been having a bit of a browse and find in my personal opinion that some of the quirkier undies can give tremendous support contrary to popular belief.

Some really horrid underwear type include;
Control briefs – those are the ones than seem to end almost under your boobs and sucks the life out of you, and why are they always in the most horribly pale colors?

High cut briefs – the only place where they are “higher cut” is by the legs, other than that they also almost unite with your boobs 😦

Classic briefs – absolutely nothing classic about them. Fuller than the high cut briefs, not as full as control briefs. Comes in all shades of pale vomit colors.

So narrowing it down, I would say it would do you well to stay away from anything that has “briefs” in the name, unless you buy men’s briefs of course lol.

Some well balanced ones with good coverage and firm support – in my opinion – would undoubtedly be bikini, boyshorts,or hipster cut. Now these are available in all shade of bright colors, characterized, lacy in part or entirely, filled with frills or hearts and just about anything imaginable.

I have a sister that is nine years younger than myself, that has given me some very bright and fun pieces of underwear that I absolutely love. Who said Hello Kitty panties couldn’t be supportive? I love my boyshorts and they are an absolute must with a good pair of jeans.

There is such an expectation to be serious and dress appropriate as a grown up, so why not unwind and at least keep your underwear fun. I am going to make a point of buying some funky frilly or characterized undies for my close friends when their next birthday comes up….regardless of their age. Lol, yes mom, you are up next 🙂

And I vow to wear frilly, non frilly, characterized,lacy, pink, red, black, dotted, or whatever I feel like until I’m old and grey! Life is for living, and having fun…and if I’m forced to dress all grown up by society, then at least I’ll keep my undies youthful 😉


11 thoughts on “Put a little frill in your Underwear

  1. I thought it said “Put a little krill in your underwear.” I guess I need glasses. Thanks for checking out Fried Neck Bones…and Some Home Fries.


  2. I just popped in because you stopped by and liked my post http://ladywithatruck.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/hes-a-real-dog-but-he-loves-me/ and wanted to say thanks and see what you are up to over here in your corner of bloggerville.

    I had to comment on the panties post; you are so right! I don’t own and old ladies undies, I had those when I was in my 20’s; the one’s you wear when laundry needs to be done. Where the elastic is all stretched out.

    This is probably too much info seems as we just met but under most things I don’t wear anything! I never have panty lines or have them bunching up my bum. Under shorts and skirts it is almost always G-strings. (Funny I find them comfy but panties crawling up my butt annoys the hell out of me). It wear nice undies, cute lacey bras, for myself if I have a man or not. I feel sexier, and more confident knowing I have something sexy and pretty on even if no one else knows.

    And if you do have a man they really appreciate it! I only started doing this in my 2nd 1/2 of life. Why I don’t know, I wish I would have started when I was younger.

    Good post!


  3. Thanks for liking my post ! About this whole underwear things, I say: “If it ain’t sexy, it ain’t happenin!” Here’s why—-

    No matter our style, no matter our mood,
    Underwear is a powerful tool!
    No matter the weather,
    No matter the day,
    Underwear, can melt it away!
    Hidden beneath the most simple of clothes,
    Just you and your undies really do know,
    What treasures do lurk where they cannot be seen,
    Shameless little secrets to raise self esteem!
    Hidden down under,
    Where no one can go,
    The coat won’t reveal
    What the coat doesn’t know!
    Now grab all the sexies, the skimpies, and strings,
    There’s just nothing better,
    Than what our ‘own mind’ can bring.
    From the tip of the shoulders,
    To the bottom of the sock,
    We all just feel better,
    Secretly HOT!!
    So wear those ‘ol bluejeans, a skirt, or a dress,
    But always remember
    Great secrets, never rest! 😉

    Well…..I’m not sure where that came from! lol—–See! I’m not kidding…Underwear can bring out the hidden devil in all of us! Be a devil, and sexy up those sexies 😉


  4. Cool blog post. I prefer boxers and briefs without frills. 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog today and clicking on the Like button. I hope you’ll return again soon. Cheers!


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